Loklok Features | New Features and Improvements in Loklok App

Loklok APK is a free app which you can use for unlimited online streaming from your mobile. It opens you to a world of movies, TV shows, web series and animations just with one click.

loklok apk features

You will find competitive features in Loklok than in other apps of the same kind. It will allow you to watch whatever you love in a very simple manner. Loklok contains material of all the genres of any cinema world both being national and international. It is also a very trustful and safe app. There is no doubt that Loklok can make your time full of entertainment from wherever you are.

Loklok Features

User-friendly Interface

Loklok user interface is very simple. Even the kids can easily get used to the app quickly. Its colors and the format are very easy to remember. 

Ad-free environment

Loklok can let you enjoy your streaming time smoothly without any disturbance from commercial advertisements. This is because it blocks away all the sponsor content and time-consuming advertisements. This is a very user-friendly feature.

Inclusive of all the genres

You could be a lover of thriller, adventure, war, horror, comedy, romance, action, documentary, drama, history, mystery, fantasy, or of any other genres. Whatever your taste is, Loklok has just the right content for you. You can have movies, TV shows and web series of all those genres.

Libraries from multiple sources

The full libraries of Loklok APK are not limited to their community itself. Instead, Loklok can let you launch the content of other sources such as YouTube, Iflix, etc. This makes sure that you can enjoy streaming limitlessly.

Built-in video players

The app has its own video player. You can immediately access and start playing the videos you choose. The player is highly customizable with a range of quality options, subtitles, volume and brightness adjustments, video descriptions, rating and commenting. It makes the usage of Loklok very easier.

Offline usage

You can download videos from Loklok directly. The download button is right under each movie or episode once you open it. You just have to tap on it for the download to begin. You also can select the resolution that you want the video from. These downloaded videos will be saved in the “Downloads” folder of your device storage. When you have time, you can reach it and start watching the Loklok movies and TV shows without getting connected to the internet.

Frequent updates

The app will get updated automatically to make sure that you get the latest movies and TV shows just released. It is even competitive with Netflix. This will keep you informed about all the trending and hot releases throughout the year.

Multi-national Content

Loklok contains movies, TV shows and web series from across the world. The content will be all accessible to you, no matter in which part of the world you are in. So Loklok can bring you endless material from Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, etc.

HD quality

Loklok consists of a range of quality for each of its videos, the highest being the HD quality. However, you can choose the quality you want at each turn. It will depend on your device, internet speed, your location, etc.


The subtitles for each video are available in various languages. You are comfortable with your own language, you can simply select it from the list. This option is on the same screen of the video playback.

Low bandwidth

You will be surprised to find the data consumption of the Loklok app. You can play the videos even when you lack the normal internet speed. There will be no lagging on the playback of your video, you can still enjoy your streaming smoothly.


Your account interface can be customized as per your liking. You can change the font, the color, add a theme, add a profile picture, make your name visible or invisible, change to dark mode, etc. These personalization options are available under the “Settings” of the app.

Device compatibility

Loklok APK is highly compatible with all the Android devices ranging from your mobile to Smart TVs. There are several versions of the app. But each of them support all the modern devices smoothly.


When you have a Loklok user account, you can save the movies and shows you are interested in. This is by adding them to your playlist. With this, you will not have to search and find a video every time you want to watch it. From your list, you can easily select them in no time.

Sorting the content

Your playlist items can be sorted by genre, added time, to watch, finished, etc. You can have them in folders for easy access later.

App Languages

Loklok is available in many languages. It is not framed to English alone. You can change the app language from your account Settings. This will help you understand and work with the app more easily.

Guest access

Loklok does not make it compulsory for you to have an account. If you prefer not to Sign up, you can still access Loklok as a guest and still enjoy its content in full. However, the customization of the app can be done only with your Login.

Search bar

Loklok enables you to type and search its libraries through the search bar. You may search by title, director, casts, genres, etc. and get a list of results.

Trending list

This list never runs dry. It will be a continuous flow of top rated and most viewed items which are trending at the time. There are 2 separate lists for movies and TV shows separately. You can scroll down each to add what will keep you updated to your playlist.


According to your watch history and search history, Loklok can suggest the movies and shows that you might like. The users surely find those recommendations interesting. You need not know the name of what you want to watch always. This list can give you ideas of what to watch next.

Quick Customer support

If you face any problem with Loklok, there are Customer support links to contact. You will get quick responses with possible solutions through these links. There are email addresses and contact details of the community available for the users. 

Universal News broadcast

Loklok users can watch international news from the app. Regardless of your location, you can watch worldwide hot news. You can also watch former news and search news by title.

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