3 Google Assistant Location Tricks On Android

We all know about Google Assistant. It is a speech recognition virtual assistant that is available for android devices. Just like its competitors Alexa and Siri, Google Assistant has a vast number of users due to being available on all android devices.

As it entirely runs using cloud technology, you have the ability to use it from any device, having all the features.

In this blog post, we will go through some important facts about Google Assistant and provide you with 3 location tricks for Google Assistant. Make sure to read the blog post until the end so you don’t miss anything important.

Let’s start by having an overall idea about Google Assistant.

google asssistant location tricks

What are the functions of Google Assistant?

As we discussed earlier, google assistant is a virtual assistant that was created by Google.

Whatever your problem is, it has the ability to crawl through web pages and provide answers to your questions.

Moreover, it can also sing songs, play games, translate languages, set alarms, and tell jokes too.

If you are someone with a smart home, of course, you can use Google Assistant to have full control of your home, which includes things like controlling smart lights, opening and closing doors, and controlling temperature.

Not just these things, there are a number of features that we can’t explain in this blog post. Make sure to do some research if you want to know more about the advanced functions of Google Assistant.

Moreover, most people believe that Google Assistant is better than Alexa, which often provides irrelevant information to the questions you ask.

Can you make calls using Google Assistant?

Yes, it’s possible to make calls using it. Google Assistant allows you to take calls on mobile phones and local landlines using Google Home devices. It’s also completely free to use. You also have the ability to call a specific local business using commands like “Hey Google, call Pizza hut.” 

Moreover, it also allows you to set your outgoing number as your own mobile phone number, which is impressive.

What are the devices that come with Google Assistant?

In the initial stage of launching, Google Assistant was only available on Google Pixel Smartphones and Google Home. However, now you have the ability to use it on most Android devices. It’s also available in Android TVs as well as cars that support Android Auto.

Key differences between Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri

Suppose you are someone who is concerned about the best assistant for your smart home. It is important to select the best assistant out of them.

Following are the key differences between them,

  • Both Google Assistant and Siri will come pre-installed on your mobile phones. However, if you need Alexa on your Android or iPhone, you will have to pay for it.
  • Considering the best assistant to chat with, Google Assistant gets first place as it’s more natural to talk with it. Siri and Alexa don’t do a good job at talking naturally.
  • Alexa comes with a lot of “skills” – or a wide variety of apps to gain complete control of it. Google Assistant also has its “actions”; however, they are not always advanced as Alexa’s.
  • Google Assistant allows you to cast audio and video using your phone or a laptop with Chromecast.
  • Sir has Airplay for audio and video casting, while Alexa has its own TV with fire OS.

Now that we have an overall idea about Google Assistant, let’s now move on to the 3 location tricks of it.

3 location tricks for Google Assistant

Apart from the above-mentioned functionalities of it, Google Assistant can also do a lot with its location services. However, if you need the correct answers to your questions, you need to know the proper way of asking questions from them.

1. Self Location Spell

The Self-location spell is one of the simplest commands available for Google Assistant. Most of you might not know this, so get ready for a big surprise. Take your android phone, take a deep breath, clear your throat, and from a clear and loud voice, speak to your phone,

“Hey Google, Where am I?”

Were you surprised? I am sure if you tried this, you would be amazed by the map it opens with your current location on it.

You can have some fun with it; try to scroll it and try out the different options available. Just enjoy the new location trick you found. This command can be very useful if you are lost in a place or want to find the location of the place you are in.

Congratulations, you now know what to do if you are lost anywhere in a city or country.

2. The Instant Sharing System

Use this feature if you are planning to meet up with a friend, client, teacher, or family member.

Just unlock your phone, clear your throat and with a loud voice, speak to your phone saying, “Hey Google, share my location.”

This feature will automatically find the location you are at. Then it will ask you the question, “Who do you want to share this with? Just say the name of the person you want to share it with.

Google will automatically send your location to the relevant person.

Just make sure the person you want to share it with is already on your contact. Once done, your friend or the person you send it will see your current location.

3. Location Remembering Trick

The location remembering trick is our best and last location trick of Google Assistant. Are you a person who often forgets little things like where you parked your car? Well, it’s time for you not to worry about it anymore.

The location remembering trick will help you store a location in your android’s memory so that you can ask your Assistant whenever you need to remember it. So here’s the command for the location remembering trick.

Just clear your throat, and with a clear voice, say, “Hey Google, remember where I parked.”

Maybe you don’t want to remember the location of your car, but you can also use this command to remember the location of anything you want. The Google Assistant will store the location in its virtual memory. When you want to remember it again, just ask, “Hey Google, where is my car?”

Your assistant will provide you with the location you saved previously. Moreover, if you want to find directions to that pace. Just say, “Hey Google, Navigate to my car.” It will guide to until you get to your destination.

There’s also another location feature that you can use to remember the location of literally anything. To use this feature, just say “Hey Google” with a custom name you want to remember.

For example, you can say, “Hey Google, the best spot,” or “Hey Google, my favorite spot,” or anything other you need to give the place. And now, when you need to get back to the same position, just say, “Hey Google, navigate to ” + “ the name you told it before” (ex: my favorite spot).

Last but not least, if you forget the commands of these location tricks, you can always set up a note in Google keep so you don’t miss anything important to remember.

Final Words

Did you already know any of these location tricks? What’s your favorite virtual assistant? Let us know your answers in the comment below.

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