Loklok FAQs | Loklok Common Installation And Usage Errors

Loklok is a streaming platform for Android mobiles. It opens you to unlimited online movies, TV shows, news broadcasts and anime. You can find any content that you are interested in to fill your time with. Loklok contains all the available genres with vast libraries and worldwide content. It has genuine features like HD quality, … Read more

How To Format A New Hard Drive On Windows 10

Hard drives are the most important part of any computer system. Without a hard drive, your computer would not be able to store data or perform any tasks. Hard drives are essential for almost every single computer user because they store all of our personal and professional documents, photos, videos, music, and other files that … Read more

How To Improve PC Performance on Windows 10

Shutting down or restarting the PC  This helps the PC to clear its background running tasks that are not necessary.  Steps to Shut down the Pc  Open the Start section on the left-side bottom Corner And then, Select the Power button Click Shutdown Then press the power button to boot up when the user needs … Read more

15 Best Free Bootable Antivirus Tools

When you realize that your computer has got a severe problem and it does not start, you begin to have doubts about malware problems.  The quickest solution you go for is a restartable antivirus program. If you don’t need malware to hold the computer’s operations, keep reading to know about the best restartable applications available … Read more

Fitbit Is Dropping One Of Its Oldest Features In October

Fitbit is a renowned American company that manufactures wearable consumer electronics. It’s mostly known for its amazing smartwatch series. Since the beginning of the company in 2007, Fitbit managed to amaze its customers with each and every smartwatch it released. Proving the success of the company, Google bought the company in 2019. Google bought the … Read more

Motorola Razr 2022 Rumours and Expectations So Far

After a long wait, Razr 2022 is now available in China. little postpone. Seems like a fully functional flagship & distinguishes itself favorably from the Z Flip 4 of Samsung. However, we are still unaware of all the specifications of this smartphone. If it ultimately really does have a massive international launch, it may even … Read more