Solving Common LokLok-related Errors

Loklok has already become very popular among movie and TV show lovers. Its features are exclusive and they have brought Loklok to make its way throughout the world. 

Solving Common LokLok-related Errors

However, the users have met with some common problems while using the app in different situations. They will very much be pleased if they can get proper instructions to solve these errors.

Solving Common LokLok-related Errors

Sometimes the app starts malfunctioning. This usually occurs due to one or more of the below mentioned causes:

  • Device incompatibility
  • Weak internet connection
  • Login mistakes
  • Expired updates

After checking these problems, you may fix the problem by addressing each cause. But if you are sure that the above mentioned reasons are not applicable to your case, you can be experiencing a technical issue. Given below are some common problems that users have asked and the related solutions to each:

Why is my Loklok app not working?

  • Go to Manage Apps option in your device Settings and select Loklok. Scroll down for the cache and tap on “Clear cache”. Click OK in the dialog box that pops up. 
  • You may also check the device compatibility. For this visit the Loklok official website and search for “List of compatible devices”. Check for the name of your device. Loklok is compatible with only Android devices and all the new generation mobiles can support it. But it is advisable to check.
  • If you have recently changed your location, check whether Loklok is available to your region. Loklok has no location restrictions. But some local regulations might block the app. If this is the case, you may use the app with a VPN.

Why can’t I update the Loklok app?

  • Usually when there is an available update, the current version of your app doesn’t work properly. So the users seek to update the app. But, the update is not downloading sometimes. Or, the update is not getting installed successfully.
  • In these cases you should first check your internet connection. Then if it is steady, check for the device storage. If your device does not have enough space for the app to run smoothly, it will not be installed. In this case you can solve the issue by clearing up a bit of the memory and making space for the app.

Why are my Loklok functions not working properly?

  • You might have experienced video saving, video sharing, subtitles, playback speed and quality adjustments not properly working. In such cases, clearing cache is advisable. Those issues are simply solved by this trick most of the time.

Why is Loklok showing a “Server down” error message?

  • This is a fully technical problem from the developers end. The reason for these problems is that the multi servers that Loklok hosts need routine maintenance. So when this is done from time to time by the community, the users face some technical faults as such. These issues will be automatically solved very quickly. Just try to launch the app again in a few hours or in the next day, and you will be able to enjoy as usual.

Why can’t I play movies in Loklok?

  • This problem could be due to different causes such as technical issues, media player issues, connectivity issues, etc. Best thing is to leave the app for a few hours and get back later. Usually, the video playing errors occur due to over usage of the app. But it is very rare that the player becomes stressed by longer usage.

Why does the video playback suddenly get stuck?

  • This is a very common thing in all the streaming platforms. However, Loklok has minimized it as far as possible by its data saving feature. This is due to the interruptions of the internet connection. You may skip 5 seconds forward or backwards to continue watching.
  • If it doesn’t work you can try reopening the app completely.

Why can’t I sync between devices to my Loklok account?

  • This problem is generally due to data transfer delays of slow internet connection. Although Loklok does not require a strong internet connection, you should have one for synchronization. Otherwise, it will have playback problems and many other interruptions.
  • If trying these two methods does not work, you will have to seek the community’s advice.

General solutions to fix Loklok problems

  1. Make sure that you loklok app stays updated to the latest released version.
  2. Check the internet connection strength frequently and ensure that it is not disturbed by any other means. 
  3. If you experience a location change recently, try using a VPN.
  4. Close the app and open it again. This could resolve minor problems instantly.
  5. Try restarting your device. This will refresh all the cache memory and help the device to run intact. 
  6. Try reinstalling the app after uninstalling the previous. You may have to log in once again, but this method is very effective.
  7. Be alert about the available space of your device. If this is low, the app will not function properly along with the other apps on your mobile.
  8. Clear the app cache from your device. This can be done from the device Settings.
  9. Check whether the app is compatible with your device. This is highly advisable in any case.
  10. Keep your operating system updated. This is a very basic thing for all the apps. Even the fundamental functions would not work if your system is not updated properly.
  11. If none of the above works, you can write to the community or contact them in person for help. Loklok community stays reachable for its users anytime. You can explain your issue to them and get their professional advice.

Final Words

The issues related to Loklok app are very rare. So if you get any of the above mentioned problems, there is a high possibility that you can solve them easily. By following the instructions given, you will soon be able to enjoy the smooth online streaming that the app offers you for free. So be encouraged to stay connected with Loklok and fix the problems soon.

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